Cradle of the Korea-U.S. Friendship

The Old Korean Legation History

The Old Korean Legation building is a meaningful space that has witnessed major events in both Korean and American history. It was a cradle for the Korea-U.S. friendship born out of the dedicated diplomatic efforts of King Gojong (r. 1863–1907). It also provided a window for absorbing modern cultural elements from the West. Today, the Old Korean Legation building is the sole example preserving its original appearance among the extant nineteenth-century diplomatic mission buildings in Washington D.C. and is highly valued for its historical significance. 

The Old Korean Legation

Logan Circle Historic District

Logan Circle, about 1.5 kilometers northeast of the White House in Washington D.C., began construction in 1870.
Most of the historic residences within the Logan Circle Historic District, which were built from 1875 to the early 1900s, were designed in the Victorian and Richardsonian Romanesque styles of architecture. These historic residences still retain their original form, whose historical significance has been recognized and preserved by the U.S. federal government.

한미우호의 요람, 주미대한제국공사관

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