• Korea-United States Treaty of Peace, Amity, Commerce and Navigation

    Korea-United States Treaty of Peace, Amity, Commerce and Navigation On May 22, 1882, Korea Joseon made its first diplomatic agreement with a western nation. Then in May 1883, the U.S. Legation was established in Jeongdong, Seoul, and Lucius H. Foote was dispatched as the first U.S. Minister to Korea. This was the start of Korea-U.S. diplomatic relations, which have continued steadfast to this day.

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  • Korea's Diplomatic Mission to the U.S.

    Korea's Diplomatic Mission to the U.S. Following the establishment of the U.S. Legation in Seoul, Korea sent its first diplomatic mission to the U.S. headed by Minister Min Yong Ik in 1883. The mission met with U.S. President Chester A. Arthur. Members of this mission came into contact with a new world and this led to the recruitment of American military officers, mining technicians and school teachers to work in Korea.

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  • Korean Legation opened (Fisher house)

    Harper’s Weekly, Vol. 32, No. 1632 The Korean Minister Bak and his staff arrived in the United States of America on January 1, 1888. They presented their credentials from King Gojong to U.S. President Grover Cleveland on January 17 and opened the first legation office at Fisher House near the White House on January 19, 1888. The Legation moved to the present building on February 13, 1889.

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  • The Independence Movement
    among Koreans in the U.S.

    Papers transferring ownership of the Korean Legation building to Japan (June 29, 1910) In the Japan-Korea Treaty of 1910, Imperial Japan deprived the Korean Empire of both its sovereignty and its legation building. During the Japanese colonial period, Koreans in the United States produced postcards featuring images of the Old Korean Legation building with the taegeuk flag, which was exaggerated as if to convey their passion for independence.

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  • The Old Korean Legation
    returns to the Republic of Korea

    The Old Korean Legation building was finally returned to Korean hands in October 2012 when U.S. lawyer Timothy L. Jenkins and his wife Lauretta Jenkins, who had purchased this building in 1977, accepted the proposal of the National Trust for Cultural Heritage and the Cultural Heritage Administration of the Republic of Korea and sold them the building

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  • Old Korean Legation building opened

    Old Korean Legation Building Open The Old Korean Legation building was opened on May 22, 2018. Old Korean Legation has a history of Korea and the U.S. at the same time, and experts and master craftsmen from two countries took part in restoring the building together.

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    • 04Orientation Room

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    Visiting Korean Legation

    The first and second floors were restored based on historical research, true to the original form of the late nineteenth century when the Korean Legation was in operation, and the third floor was refurbished into an exhibition space intended to inform visitors on the history of Korea-U.S. relations and the Old Korean Legation building. Online reservations are required for a guided tour of the legation building, and the admission fee is free of charge.



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